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Kiln-Fused Glass with Dichroic Accents
We use both transparent and dichroic glass in creating our framed sculptural artwork. All pieces are shaped, constructed and layered  and then fired into the final form. No two pieces are ever alike so each is unique .
Dichroic glass was developed by NASA for use in satellite mirrors and is coated with ultra-thin layers of metal oxides such as titanium, gold or silver or other metals. Because it is highly reflective it creates a multitude of color in limitless variations.
The works shown below  are pictured unframed  and are 16"x16"  outside dimensions and 11"x11" image dimensions. All pieces are sold framed in either silver or black metal frames. These  are examples of some of the works currently in galleries.
Please contact us for information about galleries and/or shows where glass art is available.